Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July 2010!

Lucas and I had a great weekend in Show Low. We hung out with friends and family and relaxed for a bit. Sadly it'll be our last weekend we go anywhere until our lil' munchkin is born. Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


So the other morning while I was making Lucas' lunch for work, we were sitting in the kitchen and he noticed a mouse run out from under our sink and run into the closet where our washer and dryer are at. He yelled, "MOUSE!"... Scared me to death. Then we watched it run into our living room. Well later that day when Lucas got home, we were in the baby's room and I was going through a box of old baby clothes my sister-in-law had given me. As I got closer to the bottom I noticed there was a sleeper that had been chewed up a little bit by a mouse. It made me a little sad because I wanted to use that sleeper. So I set it aside and kept going through the box. I lifted up another sleeper and there was the mouse... ALIVE! Freaked me out! I knocked over the box, ran out of the room, went and got Lucas. He grabbed the broom and killed the mouse. YUCK! I hate mice! Now we gotta go get mouse traps and rat poison to make sure we kill all of them. I don't want mice running around my house with a brand new baby around. Hopefully we can get rid of them...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bryce Jarred Garvin

Here are pictures of our little man!

Our New Mexico Life

Well, since it has been a couple of months I have decided I would update my blog. Haha! I am now 29 weeks pregnant! I can't believe how fast it has gone by! Only 11 weeks until we meet our little man. Nothing too terribly exciting has happened here in New Mexico. We moved into a new place. It is the place that Luke's brother and sister in law have lived in since they have been here, but they bought a house and so now we have their old place :]

Luke's job has been good. They have had a few slow weeks but these past two weeks it has picked up and we are hoping it stays that way. Other than that we have been pretty happy and so excited for our new edition!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


We are having a boy!! We are SOOO excited! We are naming him Bryce Jarred Garvin. I have so many idea's of how I'm going to decorate his room. He is going to have a baseball room! I decided to make his crib bedding and all. Wish me luck! I'm not the best at sewing but I'm going to attempt it. I have been collecting patterns and material for it all. I also have some decorations to go along with it. I still have a lot to do though. I can't wait for him to be here! I'm pretty much half way done, 21 weeks today! I can't believe how fast it's going by. We can't wait to have our little Bryce man here with us!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Alright, so it has been a while since I have updated this thing so I think I'm right on track! Ha! Lucas and I are having a baby August 28th! We are SO excited! We can't wait to find out what we are having! I am 15 weeks along. Only a week away from being 4 months! It's crazy! I feel like I found out I was pregnant just yesterday!
Lucas and I just moved to Farmington, NM. We miss home but we'll hopefully be back in a couple of years. He got a good job so we are pretty happy. We just miss our families a lot. He is going to be gone for a month :[ for work. That is the down fall of his job. Always going out of town and for long periods of time. He left for a week the first week he was working for them and I thought that was bad. I don't know how I'm gonna handle a month!
Anyway, that is all the new news that I have. I will try harder to keep updating this thing!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Man I suck at this blogging stuff!

So our latest news is we're having a baby! We're very excited! Both of our parents are excited too! It'll be my parents first grandchild and Luke's parents seventh. We are also moving to New Mexico! Lucas got a job at the Home Depot, but he is going to try and get on with their police department in Farmington since he will be 21 here in August. Then after he works for them for 2 years he can try to transfer to Show Low's police department and our baby can be close to its grandparents. Wednesday is my first ultrasound. I've very excited! Even though it's only peanut right now I'm very excited to see my unborn baby! I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry, and my mom's going with me so she will be crying too. We're both a little emotional when it comes to that kinda stuff. Haha! Anyway, I can't wait to find out what I'm having and get to buy all the fun baby stuff! :]]